Engine parts, repairs and welding


to all makes and ages of cars.

Electric welding (MIG)

is carried out for MOT repairs, to VOSA standards, but not bodyshop repairs.


High quality exhausts are supplied and fitted and carry manufacturers guarantee of 12months or more. All car types available.


can be tested and, if necessary, conveniently replaced in our garage with a battery that is matched to your vehicle and of a reputable guaranteed make.


MechanixDirect supply and fit high quality clutches for most makes and models of vehicles. We do not supply or fit reconditioned clutches, or repair existing clutches. We only fit complete new clutch units.

Engine oil

is critical for the wellbeing, longevity and performance of modern engines. MechanixDirect uses the grade of oil recommended by the manufacturer and ensures that the best oil is used for each vehicle. Oil filters are replaced with every oil change.


Also known as timing belts which control the timing of the engine have a limited life,depending on mileage covered or years in operation. Mechanix Direct do not replace the belt alone but only the complete drive system including tensioners, guide rollers and, if driven by the cambelt, the water pump too. This provides complete peace of mind for our customers. Cambelt replacement is not always cheap but is much less costly than the extensive engine damage that can occur if the belt or other parts in the drive train fail.


MechanixDirect supply and fit high quality springs and shock absorbers. We also supply and fit all suspension components that need replacing. All are guaranteed for one year unless for a longer time as specified by manufacturer.

Catalytic converters

supplied and fitted are type 103R approved (required since 2009 on vehicles from 2001 onwards). MechanixDirect fit converters and lambda sensors from reliable and leading manufacturers. We do not repair exhausts or catalytic converters.


MechanixDirect have sophisticated, full vehicle, diagnostic systems that can be used on all cars and light commercial vehicles. These diagnostic systems allow, for instance, the reprogramming of airbags, keys and the downloading and rectification of engine management and antilock braking faults. These expensive systems are not available in many independent garages.

Brakes and Hydraulics

MechanixDirect supply and fit discs, pads and shoes. We use top quality parts relevant to the vehicle. Brake fluid changes, if required, are carried out using fluid to the original manufacturer’s specification. MechanixDirect supply and fit all hydraulic parts to your vehicle including calipers, cylinders, hoses and pipes. We also carry out repairs to ABS systems.