Mechanical and electrical repairs

including engines, cambelts, brakes, exhausts, clutches, batteries, lights and suspension.

Advanced diagnostic equipment

available for your vehicle, equivalent to that found in main dealer garages.

MechanixDirect aim to deliver the highest level of service and reliability
for our customers in all areas of our business

Your vehicle will be serviced in our modern and highly efficient garage. We use the latest technology to carry out both MOT’s and servicing of your vehicle. All servicing is performed according to the vehicle manufacturer's recommended service schedule and only high quality parts are used.

We offer two types of fixed price service:

Full Service

  • Change of oil & filter
  • Air filter
  • Spark plugs (where applicable)
  • Pollen filter and diesel filter if applicable.
  • It involves typically a 120 point check on your vehicle
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Interim Service

  • Change of oil & filter
  • It involves typically a 70 point check on your vehicle
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Regular servicing keeps your car in good working order. Don't waste money by servicing through a main dealer and paying expensive prices. Keep your warranty. Call us for a Quote on 01442 241885